Independent Portuguese Artisans & Designers

"Every artisan with how we work is using traditional techniques going back at least 60 years, modern elements had been incorporated to add a modern look to our products but the emphasis is always on a community or family's traditional techniques and aesthetics."


Products made with Nature in mind

"They are natural, pure and even raw at times. Our goal is to create genuine products made of natural material, from the harvesting of raw materials to the finished products and packaging, we always try to choose the most sustainable materials available."


Small, Slow, Sustainable Brand

"Our made to order model, avoids encouraging a culture of wanting more and more at rapid speed, promotes slow production, reduce on waste and the love for one well-made and unique product."


Add Color to Your Outfit

"The easiest way to spice up your look is to simply add color. You´ll be suprised at how much a cute basket can brighten up your look and your day! Black-and-white outfit is lacking something? Hummm... add some color and the entire look will change"

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