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La Petite Sardine

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La Petite Sardine

by Spend in Magazine

Wicker baskets are a fine example of century-old craftsmanship that survives the passage of time. La Petite Sardine emphasises their sustainable nature, turning them back into one of this season’s must-haves.

Linked to traditional crafts in many countries around the world, baskets have existed since ancient times, and do not look likely to go out of date any time soon. One of the few activities yet to become mechanised, basketry remains the epitome of craftsmanship. Baskets are made using only fibres of vegetable origin, such as wicker or reed. The production process has barely changed, but Le Petite Sardine wanted to go one step further. This small Portuguese firm founded by Jorge and Diana Macedo defends the exclusive use of sustainable materials to produce their baskets. Their mission focuses on preserving the cultural heritage of Portuguese tradition, while keeping respect for the environment at the forefront. "Waiting for the world to change without doing anything to contribute was not an option for us," the couple explains. From their native country, they travel to all corners of the world to find craftsmen and women, but primarily they work with Portuguese natives, to design the latest trends and obtain products made by hand using local resources. "Each of our baskets is hand-made by an artisan. We are proud to use local techniques and materials at zero ecological cost, and be able to help promote sustainability." True to their values, many of their models are designed and produced in the north of Portugal, and wherever they go, they promote fair practices that little by little, preserve the best of our culture and our land.

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