Together we can make a difference!

We give 3% of our profit to good causes.
We like to get involved with various charities, from local to international. It is wonderful to help a wide range of worthy causes and it allows us to work with another meaning.

We also wanted to make sure La Petite Sardine was about more than selling handmade products. 

Charity projects that are close to our hearts:

The Red Nose Operation

Their Mission: To bring joy to hospitalized children, their families and health professionals, through the art and image of Doctors Clowns, on a regular basis and with a team of professionals with specific training.

Their Story: RNO was officially established in 2002, the result of a long process initiated by Beatriz Quintella founder, who in 1993 read an article that reported the work of Doctors Clowns who visited hospitalized children in the United States. 

Their main purpose is to continuously ensure an intervention program within the pediatric services of Portuguese hospitals, through the visit of professional clowns. These artists have specialized training in the hospital environment and work closely with health professionals, performing activities adapted to each child and each situation.

It is the association's responsibility to train and guarantee the high quality of artists whose work is paid. Operation Red Nose offers hospitals visits, raising the necessary funds through donations, private and business, campaigns and merchandising.

At this time, they guarantee weekly hospital visits, for 42 weeks a year, to the 17 hospitals covered by the program. The team of artists is made up of 28 Clown Doctors and 16 professionals work behind the scenes.

You can also make a private donation by visiting their page:


Their Mission: Is to fulfill wishes for children and young people, from 3 to 17 years old, throughout the national territory, with serious, progressive, degenerative or malignant diseases, providing them with a moment of strength, joy and hope.

Their Vision: Grant a wish to each eligible child.

Make-A-Wish works with the intention of making possible the greatest possible joy in the fulfillment of its mission, trying in this way to always meet the children's way of thinking and feeling.

You can also make a private donation by visiting their page: