Artisan - made products can be good for everyone

"Waiting on the world to change? ... Not an option ... at La Petite Sardine we only look for sustainable materials to add the right touch to our Basket Bags, with the main focus on preserving our cultural heritage. How and where our Basket Bags are made is hugely important to us, which is why our Basket Bags are handmade with high quality, organic and sustainable materials and produced through fair trade practices.

Together we work with fair trade artisans around the world, but especially with Portuguese artisans to design, develop and sell quality handmade products with a contemporary twist. Our Basket Bags production is handled by a small team and everything is made in small batches in limited quantities. 

Diana Macedo

Porto, Portugal 

 founder + captain

"When you are buying HANDMADE, your buying more than just an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks and months of frustation and moments of pure joy. You aren't just buying a thing, your buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a moment of someones life. Each piece is unique, no two are alike and they were made just for you!

Slow manufacturing, fair trade, ethical, handmade and eco goods ....

That's La Petite Sardine!"

Jorge Macedo

Braga , Portugal

 founder + chief engineer